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The Last Week
The last week has been absolutely amazing.

I've gone to RMT twice.

Hung out with adrian both times and got drunk with him <3

Hung out with Andrew BigB and had a blast with that kid. 

Seen mar the past 4 days and basically have been with her 6 days out of 7.

I love life right now.  Everything is falling into place.  If i get accepted into VCU (which is what I really hope).  Everything will be perfect.

RMTX is soon and we need more people for our room,  so far its going to be marissa and I as well as possibly Bader and his gf Shae.  So if you know anbody that needs a room, it will bring down the cost and improve the fun a lot.

Till next post :D

So yeah
I just made this thing.  Kinda confusing but I am gonna figure this bitch out because apparently having a LJ is the cool thing to do